Make your old press print like new!

November 4th, 2015

Quote of the day “Putting a sticking plaster on the wound of instability”

How stable is your press?

  • Are you experiencing problems trying to match a proof or pass an ISO 12647 test that maybe your client’s insist on?

  • Is your old printing machine not as productive as it used to be?

  • Maybe the printers seem to take longer to make-ready or to get a job to fit?

  • Perhaps you are using more white paper, just to get the job to colour?

Well now there is a solution for printing companies that need to get as much productivity out of their aging equipment. Let’s face it, not everyone has the money or maybe the turnover, to warrant buying a newer printing press.

We are launching a brand new, innovative service that helps clients to stabilise their printing machines and bring them back to a stable condition, which they had when the press was new.

How does it work?

We have technology and experienced engineers that can identify the exact location, cause and nature of mechanical problems on any offset printing press.

We can test your press for stability and work with your preferred engineer to fix exactly the part (or parts) of the press that need it.

It is our experience that engineers will very often just change parts, (such as gripper tips), and reset grippers blindly, starting from one end of the press hoping that they cure the problem. Very often this can cause problems elsewhere in the press or worse still does not cure the problem.

We can diagnose exactly what’s wrong and inform the engineer what to do, so that the costs to stabilise the press is kept to an absolute minimum.

Are there any solutions that improve productivity?

As a solutions provider we sell additional hardware and software solutions which, when the press is stabilised, can take your old machine to the next level.

Out expert calibrations, offline closed loop solutions and file standardisation servers can squeeze every last drop of productivity out of your old equipment, guaranteed. We offer free trials, hand holding you throughout the trial period and ensuring that the objectives are met.

So if you want to keep your old printing press, running as efficiently and competitively as possible, give us a try.

We can even offer you a free health check if you print our control strip onto a job and post 30 copies of it to us, (control bar to be cut down with 3cms of paper all around so we can measure it!).

So if you think you may have a problem, what are you waiting for, give us a call or drop us an email to get the ball rolling. The health check is FREE OF CHARGE if there is nothing wrong with your press!